what we do

Retail is not for the faint of heart.  Across all sectors it requires managing thin margins, big bets, trend, just in time deliveries, digital disruption and the list goes on.  Distraction is everywhere and it is truly a global marketplace. r2 retail resources is an experienced and versatile consultancy providing strategic, analytical and practical solutions for retailers in the United States, Canada and abroad.


Growth & Brand Expansion

r2 works with retailers and brands to determine success in new markets.  In many cases this requires adapting business models, value propositions and operating strategies. Our capability includes: 

  • market assessments 
  • competitive analysis
  • operational & regulatory reviews
  • organizational structures
  • real estate strategy & location analysis
  • execution planning & support
  • Quebec entrance considerations & planning

Performance Improvement Review

In a complex and consolidating industry, r2 reviews portfolios in various circumstances relative to performance improvement, including mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.  Our focus is to improve capital productivity and cost management.  Assessments include:

  • SG&A reviews 
  • efficiency & effectiveness capabilities
  • organizational structure
  • process & cost reviews

Store Operations

r2 retail resources supports retailers refine and develop processes and structures that improve profitability and performance.  Our deep expertise and understanding of store environments allows us to create more efficient and effective operations, while reducing costs and improving employee engagement.  We complete:

  • store operations diagnostics
  • develop operational process designs
  • labour optimization plans
  • training & development strategies

Customer Engagement

r2 retail resources completes critical evaluations and develops a strategy, then subsequently a roadmap that enables an optimal customer experience across all channels.  Our focus:

  • tools, processes and metrics 
  • social media 
  • technology


The evolution of the role of marketing continues to become a key element in the success of a retailer or brand.  r2 analyzes roles, structures and accountabilities relative to the multichannel environment and all facets of function.  We span:

  • social & digital platforms
  • promotional activity
  • events
  • public relations
  • traditional advertising

Change Management

Facilitating a strong and successful change management strategy through understanding expected business results, culture, brand, and organizational structures is an imperative that we deliver.  Once a strategy is created, we can then develop:

  • tiered communication plans
  • critical and timely messaging
  • side-by-side support through the change management journey

Project Management

Many organizations are driving results at a rapid pace and require the assistance of a strong PM.  r2 has the capabilities to:

  • run the day-to-day project management office
  • develop project plans, integrated deadlines
  • create important feedback and issue escalation processes 

Ecommerce Growth

Evaluating opportunities to drive growth and alignment with bricks & mortar locations.  r2 develops strategies to further efficiency and effectiveness for customers and brands.

  • ‘rest of world’ growth plans to scale
  • product pricing strategies
  • customer journey mapping and optimization
  • driving costs down while improving conversion
  • payment, shipping and returns management